Manual Chucks, power chucks, special chucks, cylinders and electro mechanical actuators.
GMT has a wide range of work-holding products from manual chucks to custom built chucks that can provide solutions to your work-holding problems.
Manual Chucks: The conventional range of hand operated chucks. These sturdily built chuck delivers high gripping force. The conventional bevel gear and scroll have been replaced by a worm & worm wheel to operate the jaws. The worm & wormwheel and the circular cam gives the chuck an amazingly high mechanical advantage and gripping power

Power Chucks : GMT Power Operated High Speed Chucks are designed to rotate at high speeds on CNC lathes. The compact construction of the GMT Power Chucks offer further advantage of less weight and low inertia which have positive influence on the dynamic effect of CNC machine spindle.

Custom Built Chucks : GMT makes custom built chucking system for special applications. These specially designed Power Operated Chucks have gained the trust of GMT customers due to GMT’s high technical standards.

Cylinders: GMT manufactures a wide range of cylinders from conventional pneumatic cylinders to highly sophisticated extra large 350mm dia hydraulic cylinders.

Electro-Mechanical Actuators: These are meant primarily for use on rotating work spindles where there are restrictions on the use of pneumatic or hydraulic rotating cylinders for the actuation of power chucks, expanding mandrels, collets etc.