Threading Inserts

Threading InsertsWhat are threading inserts?

Threading inserts are replaceable cutting tools that are used to create internal or external threads. They are also used typically with a tool holder on a lathe or turning center. There are three main types of insert: full profile, V-profile, and multi-point inserts.

These inserts play an important role because they find application in casings, housing, piping and parts to create a metal thread that allow the assembly of pipes in oil industries, rigging, consumer electronics and consumer products.

GMT – A Standard Range

GMT the World’s Most Comprehensive Range of Carbide Threading Inserts. None of the large cemented carbide manufacturers have anywhere near the same range as that available from GMT. The reason is simple. Threading is a fairly small part of all machining operations, and major carbide companies offer only a limited range of the most common profiles.

On the other hand GMT has a range that covers all of the threads used throughout the world. The main product range is concentrated on inserts and toolholders for threading. In simple terms, GMT is a specialist.


Few manufacturers can offer threading inserts with sintered-in-chipbreakers. But GMT can. Besides, the advantage of sintered-in chipbreakers is that a greater freedom is available in designing the chipbreaker geometry. And also the opportunities suddenly open up for producing the optimum chipbreaker form even on inserts.

Full-profile Inserts for the Perfect Thread

The GMT full-profile insert has the entire thread profile formed in the insert in accordance with standard specifications. And since the insert has the complete profile, the thread produced will be perfectly formed , concentric and free from burrs.

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