GMT manufactures surface plates, angle plates, box angle plates, straight edges, bench centres and other metrology products
Granite Surface Plates : Granite Surface Plates are manufactured in five grades. The typical application of these five grades of plates is : GRADE 00 as per DIN : 876 : 84 is of laboratory grade, GRADE 0 is of inspection grade, GRADE 1 is of tool room grade and GRADE 2 & 3 are intended for use in shops for general inspection.

Granite Master Square : Made of Fine Black,Metrology Grade Granite, GMT 6-Face Master Squares is used on any work that requires the checking of squareness or parallelism. Master squares has 6 finished faces . One large square face is finished flat and perpendicular to the four sides, which are parallel and perpendicular to one another.

Granite Straight Edge :GMT Granite Straight Edges are used for inspection of flatness and parallelism between two machine parts or components. GMT Straight Edges are free from curves. They are lapped on both top and bottom faces. Straightness and parallelism are maintained as per International Standards and are available in various dimensions.

Granite Trisquare : GMT Granite Tri-Squares provide an excellent, economical way for accurately checking the X-Y-Z axes on CNC machines, milling machines, coordinate measuring machines. All 6 sides are lapped to maintain flatness, squareness and parallelism.

Granite Cubes : The Cube is widely used in quality, inspection, maintenance, calibration and assembling areas for inspecting and calibrating horizontal or vertical positions. Granite Cubes are also used in machine alignment checking and component inspection. The cubes can be used to accurately measure the straightness, squareness and parallelism of 3 axis of any machine including Co-ordinate Measuring Machine.

Cast Iron Surface Plates : GMT Surface plates are manufactured to three grades namely Grade-0, Grade-I & Grade-II. Grade-I & Grade-II plates are artificially seasoned. They are hand scraped to achieve maximum local deviation from flatness as per standard at any point on the working surface.

Cast Iron Angle Plates : GMT have been the pioneer Cast Iron Angle plate manufacturer and exporter in India. GMT Cast Iron Angle Plates are made of high duty close grained cast iron to IS: 210 Grade 20. They are well ribbed to minimize distortion and are artificially seasoned as recommended in IS 2554: 1971.

Cast Iron Box Angle Plates : GMT Cast Iron Angle plates conform to IS 2554:1971 and are offered in two grades, Grade-I and Grade-II. They are manufactured in different sizes to meet a wide range of requirements. Grade-I plates are very carefully hand scraped on to Grade-I limits as per IS: 2554: 1971. Grade-II Plates are machined on all the working surfaces to accuracies conforming to Grade-II limits as per IS: 2554:1971.

Cast Iron Straight Edge : GMT have been the pioneer Cast Iron Straight Edge manufacturer and exporter in India. A Straight Edge is a machine tool accessory, essentially used in reconditioning shops and for certain specific applications in tool rooms. GMT Cast Iron I section Straight Edges are manufactured in different sizes to meet a wide range of applications.

Bench Centre : The base is made of close grained Cast Iron, heavily ribbed and stress relieved. The checking centres consist of head stock and tail stock. Head stock spindle is made up of Nickel-Chromium Steel, case hardened and ground. Centres are made up of tool steel and ground.

Cast Iron Bed Plates : GMT is one of the oldest manufacturer of bed plates in India. GMT Cast Iron Bed Plates are available with a wide range of T-slot combination and base plate’s shapes and sizes.

Master Cylinders-Metrology : Master Cylinders are used for checking perpendicularity, squareness of machine parts and fixtures. Master cylinders are made from high quality, wear resistant hardened steel. Bottom surface and outer dia (OD) are ground to very high accuracy on high precision grinding machine. Various sizes are offered to suit customer requirements.

Special Applications Metrology : Granite bonded with metal has resulted in specials for many applications. Some of the applications include master square for alignment of machining center, Large size Granite Plate, Granite Base Structure for Contact Lens Grinding Machine, Run out Measurement System, fine pitch accuracy granite table, granite structure for Image Processing Machine etc.