Granite Cube for MetrologyGMT GRANITE CUBE

The Granite Cube finds application in quality, inspection, maintenance, calibration and assembling areas for inspecting and calibrating horizontal or vertical positions. Granite Cubes are also used in machine alignment checking and component inspection. Besides, these cubes can be a reference point to accurately measure the straightness, squareness and parallelism of 3 axis of any machine including Co-ordinate Measuring Machine.

Lapping Process

It is a precision process or combination of processes that provides flatness, parallelism, size and surface finishes to extremely demanding tolerances. You can also define it as a machining process that uses free (unfixed) abrasive to machine the surface of a given part or material. The lapping process has the ability to improve the flatness, surface finish, and parallelism of the work piece as well as being able to control the thickness size to within millionths of an inch. This procedure is more superior to standard grinding methods, and it allows for tighter tolerances, improved finish, and parallelism.

Lapping to a fine accuracy on all the 6 faces of the granite cubes ensures flatness, thereby ultimate squareness references. Also, through hole for weight reduction and tapped inserts are provided on request for ease handling of the cube.


  • Made from highest quality Indian Black Granite used in metrology
  • All faces accurately lapped, opposite sides parallel and adjacent sides perpendicular to each other
  • All edges and corners are round
  • Finer accuracies are also available on request
  • Storing case provided on request
  • Ideal for measuring the straightness, squareness and parallelism of 3 axis of any machine

Besides granite cubes, GMT manufactures surface plates, angle plates, box angle plates, straight edges, bench centres and other metrology products.

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