Metrology Cast Iron Straight Edge


A Cast Iron Straight Edge is a Machine Tool Accessory, application is essentially in reconditioning shops and for certain specific applications in tool rooms. Straight edge is used for checking straightness. Hence, straightedges find application in the automotive service and machining industry to check the straightness and flatness of machined surfaces in conjunction with surface plates.

Besides, GMT Cast iron I section Straight Edges are available in different sizes to meet a wide range of applications. Above all, the design of I section straight edges to give maximum stability with minimum weight.

We provide adequate number of holes for sizes 80 x 80 x 500mm, 100 x 100 x 1000mm and 70 x 200 x 1500mm to reduce the weight of the straight edge. Furthermore, the straight edges are made of close-grained cast iron, conforming to IS 210 grade 20 and are artificially seasoned.

Standard Sizes

GMT Straight Edges are hand scraped on the two working surfaces as well as on the edges to very close accuracies. Also, we supply a wooden cover to protect the working surface and the side for sizes :

  1. 25 x 40 x 300mm
  2. 30 x 60 x 500mm
  3. 80 x 80 x 500mm
  4. 100 x 100 x 1000mm
  5. 70 x 200 x 1500mm

We supply sizes 25 x 40 x 300mm and 30 x 60 x 500mm with a box made of wood so as to preserve the straight edges and keep it free from damage when not in use.

GMT also manufactures the following:
a. Camel Back Straight Edge.
b. Angular Straight Edge

Details on these is available on request.


Deviation expressed in ‘Microns (0.001mm)

DIMENSIONS Parallelism Straightness Squareness Parallelism
(LxBxH in mm) of working surfaces working surfaces of side faces W.r.f. to working faces of side faces
25 x 40 x 300 7 5 25 75
30 x 60 x 500 10 7 30 105
80 x 80 x 500 10 7 80 105
100 x 100 x 1000 18 12 100 180
70 x 200 x 1500 25 17 70 255

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