Metrology Cast Iron Box Angle Plate


Firstly, GMT is one of the leading CI Box Angle plate manufacturer and exporter in India. Besides, GMT Cast Iron Box Angle Plate conforms to IS 6232: 1971. They are available in two grades, Grade-I and Grade -II. They are available in different sizes to meet a wide range of requirements.

Secondly, GMT Box Angle Plates are made of close -grained cast iron IS 210, Grade 20 and hardness is guaranteed to be above 180-BHN. They are artificially seasoned as recommended in IS 6232:1971. To meet various job requirements, the plates comes in two grades, Grade-I and Grade-II. Grade-I plates are very carefully hand scraped on all the working surfaces to accuracies conforming to Grade-I limits as per IS 6232: 1971. Grade-II plates are finish machined on all working surfaces to accuracies conforming to Grade-II limits as per IS 6232: 1971.

Thirdly, GMT Box Angle Plates come with suitable number of T-Slots on working surfaces to facilitate clamping. T-Slot dimensions conform to IS 2013:1962.

Box Angle Plate – Matched Pairs

Also, matching pairs of Box Angle Plates are available. The tolerance on dimension L, B & H between the two matched units will be.

Matched Pairs Grade-I 0.03 mm.
Matched Pairs Grade-II 0.08 mm.


Similarly, Cast Iron Box Angle plates find application in marking, aligning and checking parts, or for positioning and clamping on machine tools. The material used is highly resistant to wear, stabilised by slow cooling of the casts in order to eliminate internal tensions. Also, these boxes come with T-slots and holes to facilitate operations to clamp the part.


Deviation expressed in ‘Microns (0.001mm)

DIMENSIONS GRADE Flatness Squareness Parallelism
(LxBxH in mm) working faces adjacent faces over H opposite working faces
750x450x600 I 10 20 23
II 50 100 113
450x300x350 I 10 18 20
II 50 100 113
350x200x250 I 8 18 20
II 38 75 88
250x150x175 I 8 15 18
II 38 75 88

Special Plates

Similarly, to meet special requirements, we offer sizes 950 x 600 x 600 mm, 1060 x 755 x 500 mm & 1200 x 755 x 500 mm. Details will be provided on request.

Besides, we offer precision matched angle blocks suitable to provide a convenient means for mounting and clamping work for boring and milling operations.

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