arge Sized Cast iron bed Plate Customer : M/s. Honda Siel Cars Size: 6000X4000 mm (consists of 4000×1500– 4 Nos)
Metrology bed plates and special products – GMT is one of the oldest manufacturers of bed plates in India. GMT Cast Iron Bed Plates are available with a wide range of T-slot combinations and base plate shapes and sizes.

GMT bed plates are manufactured from high-density special cast iron. GMT bed plates are stress relieved and thus guarantees optimal rigidity and stability of the plate. T-shaped reinforced ribbing lends the plates a high inherent rigidity and the plates can be adapted to load requirements via the number of ribs used and the manner in which they are deployed.

T-slots in special or intermediate sizes can be provided. The distance between T-slots in standard plates is usually 150, 200, 250 or 300 mm. The distances between clamping options and the T-slots can also be custom made to suit customer requirements.