Granite Tri Square


Firstly, GMT Granite Tri Square finds application for checking the X-Y-Z axes on CNC machines, milling machines, CMM’s. Furthermore, it’s made of Indian Black Granite and provided with through-holes for weight reduction and ease of handling. Therefore all 6 sides are lapped to maintain flatness, squareness and parallelism.

Consequently, GMT Granite Tri-Squares provide an excellent, economical way for accurately checking the X-Y-Z axes. Hence, it finds application on CNC machines, milling machines and coordinate measuring machines. Besides, GMT Tri-squares finds uses in the same manner that steel squares for the direct checking of straightness and squareness.

Place it in the horizontal position (the X and Y axes) to check for 90° squareness.  Furthermore, with the square in the vertical position, tracing along the vertical edge of the square can check the perpendicularity of the Z axis. Tri-Squares have 6 finished faces.


  • Granite Tri Squares to check X-Y-Z axes.
  • Precision tri squares are available in Laboratory Grade or Inspection Grade.
  • GMT granite tri-squares are made from famous Indian Black Granite.
  • Indian Black granite has a heavier density and is made of a finer grain.
  • Provides strong, durable and stable surfaces.
  • Does not flake out in sections.
  • GMT Black granite tri squares are more durable and help to avoid scratching.


Dimensions (mm) Thickness Weight (Kg) Grade 0 (µ)
300 x 200 70 10 3
400 x 200 70 13 3
500 x 200 70 15 5
630 x 400 75 26 5
800 x 500 90 70 5
1000 x 630 120 140 10

Custom Size Granite Tri Square


Apart from the above sizes, Guindy Machine Tools also manufacture Tri Squares as per customer requirement. Shown below is a special extra large sized Tri Square manufactured by GMT.

special granite tri square

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