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Actuating Cylinders

GMT high speed hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders

Workholding Cylinders

Workholding Cylinders

These cylinders are designed for actuating the high speed chucks on CNC lathes.

Pneumatic Rotating Cylinder (CP) : Pneumatic Rotating Cylinder is designed to actuate the work-holding devices. The Cylinder works at maximum pressure of 10 Kgf/cm26). The cylinder is mounted on the rear side of the spindle. The piston moves the drawbar, or the rod attached to it, axially. This axial movement can be utilized for operating the chuck or the fixtures.

The body of the GMT pneumatic cylinder is made of aluminium alloy of high quality, is light, and is specially treated to take large loads. download data

Hydraulic Rotating Cylinders (CH/CH-S) : Hydraulic Rotating Cylinders (CH/CH-S) are designed to actuate the work-holding devices. These are dynamically balanced to rotate at high speeds and work at maximum pressure of 40 Kgf/cm2.

It has a safety valve which ensures that the chucking pressure is maintained in case of sudden drop in the hydraulic oil supply because of power failure or bursting of hydraulic hoses. The Stroke Control monitors the safe operating chucking stroke with the aid of two adjustable proximity switches.download data

High Speed Hydraulic Cylinders (SHS) : Hollow Rotary High Speed Hydraulic Cylinders with Safety valve and stroke monitor. These cylinders are designed for actuating the high speed chucks on CNC lathes.

The design of the cylinder is such that the distributor shaft rotates on special ball bearings. The special bearings facilitate the cylinder to be started at very high speed. The body of the GMT make Hollow Rotary High Speed Cylinder is made from aluminium alloy casting. Available in sizes 100, 130 and 150 Ø mm.download data

Close Note Note: Hollow High Speed Hydraulic Rotating Cylinders (OCHNC/OCHNC-S/170/200) are no longer in production and can be replaced with High Speed Hydraulic Cylinders (SHS)