CMM Software Upgrade


Improve the accuracy and efficiency of your existing CMM

Improve the accuracy and efficiency of your existing CMM at a fraction of the cost of a new CMM. Using old or obsolete CMM can result in inaccuracies and rejections. Inspection equipment, especially high cost coordinate measuring machines (CMM) cannot be replaced easily.

One of the main reasons why a CMM may need replacing is that the measuring software has become outdated thus unable to keep up with the latest measuring requirements or the machine is dependent on obsolete hardware. With GMT CMM Retrofits and Software upgradation there is absolutely no need to replace the machine. We can upgrade the existing software or hardware systems and bring your CMM up to date.

We will help you choose the right combination of probing and software systems that will perfectly fit your current requirements. Further, our technicians will train your employees on new upgraded software.

Software Options:

So if you’re looking for a coordinate measuring machine software upgrades, CMM Retrofits or to buy new CMM machines, email us at with complete details of your company and existing CMM.

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