CMM Retrofitting Service


A CMM can be given a significant life extension with GMT CMM Retrofit.


GMT with years of experience in the manufacture of dimensional metrology equipment, CMM in particular, is your ideal choice when you consider retrofitting a CMM. We take into consideration all the variables involved in retrofitting CMM’s which includes error compensation thus ensuring accuracy, reliability and functionality.

We rebuild, overhaul, upgrade and repair CMM’s. A CMM can be given a significant life extension with GMT CMM Retrofit. With error mapping and compensation your CMM can achieve accuracy like a new machine.


GMT retrofits all manual bridge type coordinate measuring machines. The retrofit option provides ‘plug and play’ with existing machine scales and probing system and leaves the original mechanical structure intact.


The CMM structure is usually designed as a matched system of scales, drives, motors and safety systems.

The Controller at the heart of a CMM upgrade offers significant improved CMM productivity and provides the unique scanning capabilities obtained with the Renishaw , SP25 and SP80 Analogue Scanning Probes.

The compact servo chassis allows a complete DCC retrofit to be completed in a few short days minimizing CMM down-time. No controller cards are located inside the PC allowing PC upgrades at any time without having to contend with PC-BUS obsolescence an all too frequent occurrence due to the pace of PC innovation.

The Teach Box has function keys, many of which are programmable, and allow software access directly from the box. Including using the use of the Joystick as a remote mouse. Part coordinates joy sticking, axis reversal, axis locks, indexing head and speed control are just some of its integrated functions.

To request your no obligation Manual and DCC CMM Retrofit quotation email complete Company and CMM details.

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