CMM Calibration Services

cmm calibration servicesGMT CMM CALIBRATION
GMT ensures that all CMM’s are calibrated to international standard
Our highly skilled factory trained technicians calibrate and certify your CMM. We calibrate CMM of all makes and configurations.

CMM Calibration Facilities:
Fully equipped with precision calibration equipment like Koba Step Gauges and Renishaw Laser Interferometer, GMT ensures that all CMM’s are calibrated to international standard.

Koba Step Gauges
Koba Step Gauges have a castellated configuration, with a large number of gauge faces on a single line of measurement. A CMM can be easily calibrated in a single setup. A unique feature of the Koba Step Gauge is its special construction wherein all the points of measurement are on a neutral axis, which enables exact measurement even with the slight bending that takes place at the point of support. This ensures the necessary accuracy and allows the Koba Step Gauge to be placed in any position with different supports. The GUK-S analysis software verifies and documents the results. The Koba Step Gauge is certified by DKD (the German National Calibration Authority) and its user-friendly software interfaces with the CMM’s own hardware for data management and file storage.

Renishaw Laser Systems :
Laser systems : The ultimate in precision machine performance measurement and calibration of CMM’s, the Renishaw laser system & software provides the capability for static and dynamic measurement of a CMM for linear, angular, straightness, squareness & flatness errors.

Automatic data capture
Dynamic measurement
Universal error compensation
New report standards
Standard for calibration : In general, GMT tests and evaluates CMM products using the international standard, ISO 10360-2. It is possible to provide certificates according to other standards upon customer request at the time of placing the order. To request a quotation email us your complete Company and CMM details.

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