Why is GMT CMM best suited for you?

CMM - Best suited for youGMT CMM – Best suited for you

The GMT CMM is best suited for you because we have been in the metrology business since 1959. Our collaborative work with top-level professors at IIT, Madras, resulted in the first Indian Standards for surface plate calibration. Sixty years down the road, GMT continues to maintain its focus on quality engineering excellence. As a result, the company has earned the trust of its customers and a premier place in the market.


GMT manufactures world-class coordinate measuring machines as a result of over five decades of experience in metrology and machine tools. Hence, all GMT CMM’s are designed and manufactured with proven technology. As a result, these CMM’s combine accuracy with functionality and practicality and are the ideal measurement systems for small-to-medium size, general, mechanical and prismatic components. Hence, GMT CMM – Best suited for you.

2. INDIAN BLACK GRANITE – the granite best suited for metrology

GMT has a metrology division located at Hosur, Tamil Nadu. Besides, this region is home to large deposits of world-famous Indian black diabase granite which is best suited for metrology. Also, noteworthy is GMT diabase wear-resistant black Indian granite, precision lapped to grade 0 as per IS-7327-1991. More rigid, vibration resistant and temperature stable than steel. Also, the threaded stainless steel inserts in the granite base allow easy clamping of components and fixtures.

3. GMT CMM – the indigenous advantage

The GMT Coordinate measuring machine is a domestic product which has the following advantages:

  • Easy replacement of parts / Support for re-location
  • Anytime training module
  • Rapid conversion from manual to CNC
  • Easy up-gradation and better support for Calibration

Because of the hollow granite structure design in the bridge, it reduces machine weight, without sacrificing rigidity. Innovative bearing design also assures optimum stability of bridge for precise volumetric measuring accuracy. The machines are also available in a wide range of sizes and designs with a variety of different probe technologies. Above all, you can operate manually or automatically through Direct Computer Control (DCC).

Also, the GMT CMM comes with a wide choice of software and hardware options to suit your application and budget. This makes GMT CMM – Best suited for you.

Software Options :

CMM Manager from Nikon Metrology, USA

Hardware Options :

A wide range of :

  • Controllers & Amplifiers
  • Motorized Probe heads & Probe Extensions
  • Styli & Styli Extension
  • Joysticks & Reference Sphere
  • Control Panels


High-Quality Calibration – Certification equipment direct traceable to –DKD/UKAS. Furthermore, we only use sophisticated calibration master equipment to achieve the highest possible accuracy and the smallest uncertainty in measurements. Besides, GMT’s precision calibration equipment includes Koba Step Gauges and Renishaw Laser Interferometer and Wyler precision levels.


The most noteworthy fact is that inspection of the GD &T parameters like flatness, cylindricity, parallelism, position, concentricity, symmetry will also be demonstrated using sample parts. For a no-obligation Manual and DCC CMM live demo at our works e-mail to: esales@gmt.co.in


Our Clients also include:

Bosch Electrical Drives India Pvt. Ltd
Marshall Machines Pvt. Ltd.
Research Development and Manufacturing Corporation, Bangalore.
Component Speciality (India) Pvt. Ltd.
Zenmark Machinery Components
Alutech foundry India Pvt. Ltd.

Finally, please visit us at https://gmtmachinetools.blogspot.com – a new blog dedicated to all GMT customers…interact with our technical experts.

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