Chuck for Machining Bonnets

GMT chuck for machining bonnets

The cost to efficiency ratio makes this workholding device the preferred chuck for machining bonnets.  We have supplied this to various industries manufacturing bonnets. We have had a very positive feedback from our customers.


Ideal Chuck for machining bonnets

Our task at Guindy Machine Tools Ltd is to provide workholding solutions for hard to machine components like bonnets. Components with intersecting axis makes it necessary to apply multiple machining operations. Consequently, this is a time consuming and expensive process. Also, the clamping and de-clamping of the component for each operation slows down the production.

GMT has developed a chuck for machining bonnets that obtains the greatest levels of productivity. This is because it cuts machining time considerably. Consequently, the component can be indexed without de-clamping with the help of a lever. GMT Hand Indexing Chucks are ideal for machining of complex workpieces such as bonnets in a single setup.


  • For production and machining of components with intersecting axis, involving high processing expenditure.
  • This type of chuck is useful for large size components.
  • Easy to clamp and machine irregular valve bodies.
  • Machine all four sides without de-clamping in single set up.
  • Less time to set up the component for machining.
  • Also, the indexing position is locked by hydraulic power.

Besides the above, we also offer auto indexing chuck. In this chuck clamping, de-clamping, indexing and locking of index drum are programmable by using integral hydraulic cylinders. Please watch this video to know more about auto indexing chuck.


Please fill the details below. Also, provide us, preferably with a 3D Model of the component or send us the component and drawings (the drawings of the forged component along with operation and machine details). The drawing can be in .dwg, .pdf, .jpeg format.

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