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Berg gripper HSH is for the clamping of hollow shank tooling with central cooling lubricant supply.

Application – Berg gripper HSH

For HSC workpiece machining the clamping forces according to DIN 69893 are frequently no longer sufficient. The idea to create an extremely rigid connection between the tool and spindle by placing the clamping element directly against the internal spindle contour, reached its design limits, due to the cross sections and surfaces available for the force transmission.

Also with their HSH-gripper, BERG-Spanntechnik have met the requirements for clamping forces notably exceeding the values specified in DIN 69893. HSH-gripper is for the clamping of hollow shank tooling with central cooling lubricant supply..

Design features

HSH-gripper consist of six sturdy clamping claws, which, held by means of an annular spring, execute a tilting movement when the hollow shank tooling is changed and removed. During clamping, the centrally arranged draw-bolt transfers the actuation force onto the clamping segments, where it acts as a direct clamping force without further force deviation.

The generously dimensioned face of the draw-bolt has been provided for tool ejection. The constructive design of the clamping element offers a large clamping reserve. The internal spindle contour is easy to manufacture.

Ordering example : HSH 48

Delivery scope : Clamping set according to data sheet

Comments : The design of connection parts must be such, that when in release position, the back stop comes to either in the hydraulic cylinder or by means of spring force in the spindle. When it clamps without a tool, the collet holds up in depth ‘m’ by the spindle shoulder.

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Furthermore Berg Spanntechnik is one of the leading specialists in tool clamping technology worldwide. The product range includes clamping systems for quick-release taper and hollow shaft tools in innumerable standard variants and special versions. Automatic clamping systems for workpieces and tools for machining and forming machine tools belong to the extensive range of our products and services.

GMT is the Representative in India for Berg Spanntechnik, Germany.

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