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4 Jaw Chucks

Useful to grip rectangular and other non-cylindrical shapes


GMT 4 jaw independent chuck

The following features of the GMT four jaw chuck makes this chuck superior to other four jaw independent chucks available.

The chuck body is made of forged medium carbon steel. It is hardened and tempered to ensure long life and strength to the chuck body. Base jaw slots in the body are precision ground to close tolerances for obtaining a good sliding fit, ensuring a play free functioning, high load carrying capacity and maximum wear resistance.

GMT system of independent four jaw chucks has separate jaws and reversible hard jaws. This gives the flexibility to use special hard jaws to suit specific component. The hard jaws are fixed to the base jaws by tongue and tenon, so that they can grip a wide range of components, either on their OD or ID.

Base jaws are made of alloy steel and case-hardened. Itis made deeper and wider for providing large bearing areas with reduced unit bearing pressure, thereby increasing the life of the chuck. Square threads cut on the screws and on the underside of the base jaws have longer mesh with each other, which results in efficient transmission and conversion of applied torque. Screws are heat treated to prevent breakage, a common complaint in the commercial quality chucks.

GMT 4 jaw CNC lathe chuck

GMT 4-jaw chuck is useful to grip rectangular and other non-cylindrical shapes for turning or facing. While it lacks the self-centering convenience of the the 3-jaw chuck, it has other advantages.

Features of 4-jaw chuck: