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GMT Large Bore Chucks Replacement for Kitagawa Chucks.

GMT PHNC-KA Chuck with large through bore can be used to replace your existing Kitagawa chucks.

Cast Iron Surface Plates GMT range of metrology products

GMT manufactures surface plates, straight edges, bench centres and other Metrology Products

GMT Actuating Cylinders High Speed Hydraulic Cylinders.

GMT Cylinders are designed for actuating the high speed chucks on CNC lathes.

Polymer Concrete GMT represents CPT in India

Cleveland Polymer Technologies (CPT) manufactures precision polymer castings


  • gmt testimonialsThey are in business for many years, only because they deliver!

    "We have a hand operated GMT chuck which was installed 30 years ago...it is still going strong"

    "The best lathe chuck manufacturer in India"

    Authentic Customer Statements