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our foundry

Foundry Division : After four decades in operation, Guindy Machine Tools Ltd., Chennai, (GMT), needs no introduction to the Indian manufacturing industry particularly to the machine tools, automotive, aeronautics, earth moving, defence production units and other general engineering tool rooms and machine shops.

We established a foundry in 1979 to meet our in-house casting requirements. Castings for GMT products like Surface Plates, Large Sized Bed Plates, Joint Plates, Angle Plates, Box Angle Plates, Straight Edges, etc., supplied to a number of major units to meet their inspection and standards room needs are also manufactured in this foundry.

To meet the growing requirement of quality CI Castings, we have recently established a foundry facility in SIPCOT complex - Hosur, Tamil Nadu. Spread over 30,000 sq.ft., the outstanding facilities at the foundry consists of new furnaces with auxiliary facilities such as Spectrometer and Test Laboratory. Our machine shop is located in a 10,000 sq.ft. facility.

Products: We have acquired expertise over 25 years, in the manufacture of Grey Iron Castings of IS210-1978 specification. Grades normally poured are FG - 150, FG - 200, FG - 220, FG - 260, FG - 300, FG - 350 as required for various applications. We also produce S.G.Iron Castings ranging from 3 kgs to 750 kgs of IS 1865-1974 specification. Grades normally poured are SG - 400/12, SG - 450/10, SG - 500/7, SG - 600/3. We have sucessfully produced vermicular castings to cater to the needs of the windmill and automotive industry.

Vermicular Cast Iron : This type of cast iron is characterized by its graphite’s form. The vermicular cast iron presents graphite in the shape of a bar, which gives it mechanical characteristics between the lamellate graphite cast and the spheroïdal graphit cast. The vermicular cast iron is obtained by metallurgical treatment of the alloy.

Representative Clientele includes: SUNKAP - Hyderabad, SEPR Refractories - Palaghat, TAL Manufacturing Solutions Ltd ( a TATA Enterprise) - Pune, KEC - Mysore, MTAB - Chennai, PRASAD NC - Chennai, PEEVEE Precision Works Pvt. Ltd. - Chennai, TAURUS - Bangalore, ETA Technology - Bangalore, GALAXY Machinery - Bangalore, MAKINO - Bangalore.


Semi Automatic Green Sand Moulding Machine to produce Sand of 10 MT per day with online moisture correction system.

Hand Moulding
Core Sand Mixer, Green Sand Mixer, Sand Mixer for Sodium Silicate Moulding Process.

Machine Moulding
Green Sand Moulding machine to take casting 10 MT per day - Diza-450
Table Size 750 x 650 mm.
Moulding box inner size 750 x 650 x 200 (100x 2).

Quantity-1 No.


Quantity-1 No.


Quantity-2 Nos.

sand plant
HANDLING Cranes with capacity ranging 10 MT / 5MT. Quantity-2 No.  
MELTING Electrotherm Make Induction Furnace 350 KW with 2 Crucibles : Capacity 750 Kg each.

Electrotherm Make Induction Furnace 1500 KW with 2 Crucibles : Capacity 2500 Kg each.

Quantity-2 Nos.


FETTLING Swing Grinder.
Angle Grinder.
Shot Blasting Machine Hanger Type - 1 Ton.
Pedestal Bench Grinder.
Quantity-2 Nos.
Quantity-2 Nos.
Quantity-1 No.
Quantity-1 No.
PAINTING Facilities for spray painting    
Capacity 300 Kg Per hour.
For reclaimation of Sodium Silicate mould used sand.
Quantity-1 No. sand reclamation
PATTERN SHOP Out source    
STRESS RELIEVING FURNACE 2000 mm x 1200 mm x 800 mm. Quantity : 1 No. Quantity-1 No. stress relieving furnace
LABORATORY Spectrometer
Chemical Lab.
Sand Testing Lab.
Quantity-1 No.
Instant Carbon Silicon Analyzer with Thermal Analysis.
Poldi Hardness Testing.
Universal Testing Machine to check Tensile and Compression Strength.
universal testing machine
Dip type Temperature Measuring equipment.
Inverted Stage Metallurgical Microscope with Image Analyser Software.
Brinel Hardness Testing Machine.
metallurgical microscope
cast iron products